The force behind the brand is the daring, humble, talented, passionate, perfectionist, French-born designer Nathalie Blanc.

Nathalie Blanc is a true ambassador for the French manufacturing and excellence in know-how, and her talent exudes in the refined and delicate frames she designs, the ones that combine the perfect harmony between the eye, the style, and material.

Nathalie Blanc the Designer


At a young age, Nathalie Blanc started wearing glasses. The shape didn't fit her face, and the style was not graceful nor trendy.

"I was so embarrassed to wear my eyeglasses, and this trauma has been pivotal in my life."

As a teenager, the idea of shaking the world of eyewear had become an obsession. Nathalie made a promise to herself to create her universe, to reinvent a style where this functional and unattractive accessory would reflect one's style, personality, and aesthetics.


Her studies at ISO in Paris led her to first open two optical stores. In 2010 Nathalie Blanc created collections for ready-to-wear brands such as Michel Klein and in 2012 for Swildens.

In 2010 Nathalie Blanc creates collections for ready-to-wear brand Michel Klein and in 2012 for Swildens

In 2015, Nathalie Blanc launched her first eponymous brand Nathalie Blanc Paris, a Parisian luxury eyewear collection for men and women, with the desire to create rare comfort for the complexity and individuality of each nose and face.

In 2016, Nathalie Blanc signs an unprecedented collaboration with the collective Rouje by Jeanne Damas, by launching the model Corto.

In 2019, after succeeding in modernizing and sublimating the look of men and women, Nathalie Blanc launches a youthful, edgy, and contemporary collection for teenagers that she names “Blanc…".

In 2020, the designer announced the arrival of her latest brand exclusively made in France and entirely dedicated to men, Monsieur Blanc. She also launched Maison Nathalie Blanc, a new name for the Parisian house that will bring together the three unique and exceptional brands: Nathalie Blanc Paris, Monsieur Blanc and Blanc.

Nathalie Blanc Paris Creative Director


"The inspiration comes mainly by strolling in flea markets, but also by looking at vintage photography and watching old movies of Renoir, Capra, Lubitsch."

The attention to detail in her work and creations reflects her passion for art, design, and architecture, in which beauty and elegance fuse.

Nathalie Blanc receives kisses
"I gave birth to Jennifer, Fanny, Otto, Joséphine, Anaëlle, Bob, Alexandra, Hermes, Lolita, Hélène, Johanna, Eric..."



Established in 2015, Nathalie Blanc Paris, the luxury brand of eyewear, rose quickly to set itself apart from the rest of the industry with its innovation, its impeccable craftsmanship, and the finest materials. Nathalie Blanc Paris collection is designed to match perfectly with the face's curves. The avant-garde collection offers a variety of colors in a subtle palette, delicate frames, and detailed temples, mixing tradition with a modern approach.

The winning design is described as a pure, delicate form, with particular care placed on every detail. Each frame features a distinguished two-tone detail at the end of the temples. With overtones of the 1970s, the frames have featured a delicate flash or graduated lens and sophisticated combinations of the French know-how.

"You will always find two full circles symbolizing the rivets and a hollow circle at the end of the branch. A reference to the three small dots of our logo"

The eyewear collection is made exclusively in France in one of the most prestigious factories founded by Jean Lempereur in the 60s combining the finest materials with high-quality design. 



Nathalie Blanc Paris creates its own acetate plates. Noble materials are used such as cellulose acetate, made from cotton blossom and seaweed. The acetates are organic and recyclable and they offer an infinite possibility of colors, constructions and shapes. The particularity of this acetate is its extraordinary quality and breathtaking beauty.They often age them over thirty years to reinforce their solidity.

The lenses are also made in France. The solar glasses, signed by Carl Zeiss and Divel are equipped with anti-reflection, which allow a high protection of the retina.

Nathalie Blanc Paris Femme Collection

Nathalie Blanc collaborates with Mazzucchelli acetate to develop artisanal frame series that feature layers of depth through the finest materials in optical. Cellulose acetate is a plant-based plastic that is hypoallergenic. This material was first used for eyewear in the late 1940's because of brittleness and other problems with previously used plastics. Today's acetates are known for being strong, lightweight, and flexible.


Insightful and innovative, Nathalie Blanc has, since autumn 2017, included an exclusive metal collection. Each piece of the frame is handmade. Elegant and sleek, metal glasses are the result of a complex and precise process.

Entirely manufactured in France, the frames are laminated in 22k gold, with stunning intricate detail, with the two-tone spatula on either ends of the temples.

Nathalie Blanc Paris Metal


Discover our new brand entirely dedicated to men. Our frames are masculine and with character as well as delicate and elegant. The first collection of 16 models, combines aesthetic and intellectual audacity, which convey an undeniably strong message and represent French excellence.

Monsieur Blanc is a new brand exclusively for men. The new collection is represented by Hugo Marchand, leading dancer of the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris.


A frame by Monsieur Blanc is designed to adapt perfectly to the features of a male face. This avant-garde collection will take up the same codes that made the success of Maison Nathalie Blanc: a sleek and elegant design, for timeless models with subtle colour varieties. The frames are delicate and detailed, mixing tradition with a modern approach.

All this combined with a 100% French manufacture in the most prestigious factories of the Jura and Normandy regions, allowing our frames to combine the best materials with high quality designs.


In order to diversify our creations, different materials were chosen for Monsieur Blanc.

Mazzucchelli acetate

A high-quality Italian acetate that Maison Nathalie Blanc uses with 8mm thick sheets, giving depth to the frames and conferring a lot of character. For this type of acetate, each part of our glasses spends a week in beech wood barrels and is then hand milled by our artisans in order to give them a puffy look and soften the edges of the frame.

Japanese acetate

A range of pure and beautiful colors, as well as a great rigidity. This rigidity is the result of a much higher resting time during its manufacturing process, allowing us to create thin frames with softer color gradients.


Our metal frames are bathed in 22-carat gold. The hinges and central temples are developed by the design team to be the absolute lightest and most comfortable for the wearer.

Beta-titanium temples and 3D faces

The custom-made Japanese beta-titanium temples are lightweight and strong but also flexible and adjustable. This brings to the frame unparalleled levels of comfort. Resistant to very strong heat as well as to the coldest temperatures, our 3D faces are made of bio-sourced materials, since they are composed of 70% castor oil. Furthermore, 100% of the material is used by the craftsman, allowing us to not create any waste. This material allows us to offer to the customer a pair of light and hypoallergenic glasses.


Nathalie Blanc Paris Silmo D'Or Award Winner
Nathalie Blanc Paris 2018 Silmo D'Or Paris Award Winner

In 2018, at Silmo Paris, the World Optics Fair, and in competition with the major international brands, Nathalie Blanc Paris wins the Special Jury Prize "Silmo d’Or", a prestigious award for innovation and creation with the "Suzanne 253".The judges chose to highlight a very strong style, with pure delicate lines, and exquisite details.

Nathalie Blanc Paris Silmo D'Or 2018 Winning Design Suzanne 253
”Suzanne 253” is a very feminine oversize metal gold-rimmed round sun glasses design. Its inverted bridge reduces the curve of the nose.The glasses are released on the lateral parts of the telescope. The temples and the face are plated in 22 carat gold.”

Suzanne 253 is available in four colors: pale gold, white gold, pink gold, navy blue.

Nathalie Blanc Paris 2019 Silmo D'Or Paris Award Nominee

In 2019, the Maison Nathalie Blanc was nominated twice in the Silmo d'Or. First, with our brand for teenagers, Blanc..., in the category «glasses for children» with the «Ariane 232». A second time, with her brand Nathalie Blanc Paris in the category sunglasses with the «Maman 128».

“This model is the teen version of my Alexandra, iconic model of Nathalie Blanc Paris. I opted for a butterfly shape, giving it a dynamic and delicate touch. I drew an inverted bridge to make the nasal bridge more beautiful and to soften up the line of the face”.

Nathalie Blanc Paris Silmo D'Or Award Nominee
Nathalie Blanc Paris Silmo D'Or 2019 Nominee Ariane

Ariane is available in blue, almond green, pink and black.

Nathalie Blanc Paris 2019 Silmo D'Or Nominee Sunglasses
Nathalie Blanc Paris Silmo D'Or Nominee Sunglasses

“This frame unveils an alliance of fashion and elegance. I opted for an oval shape, bringing vintage and delicate touch. This natural acetate frame is made entirely by hand in the purest tradition of French eyewear. The ultra- feminine touch is highlighted by the insertion of a 22-carat gold ring into the tip of the branch.”

Maman is available in pink and black, tortoiseshell and tea, beige and tea, black and navy blue.

Nathalie Blanc Paris x Maison Morel Collaboration at Hong Kong International Optical Fair 2019

In November 2019, at the Hong Kong International Optical Fair, Nathalie Blanc Paris, in collaboration with Maison Morel, eyewear designer since 1880, wins the V Award Optic, with the "90001C MD01".

The cat-eye shaped frame is designed with intricate details and a translucent acetate openwork brow bar creating a vintage and a feminine touch.

Nathalie Blanc Paris x Maison Morel Collaboration at Hong Kong International Optical Fair 2019

”The awards shine the spotlight on the meticulous finishing work done by the French factories to achieve an outstanding product that is both elegant and unique…”

Silmo d'Or 2020

In 2020, again with the brand Nathalie Blanc Paris, the designer won her second Silmo d'Or thanks to her «Chupa 363».