savoir faire usine

In 2018, after having stylized the eye of women and modernized the look of men, Nathalie Blanc looks towards young adults by launching Blanc, a retro eyewear brand designed for their smaller faces and daily lives.


Blanc revisits the classic shapes of Nathalie Blanc Paris with a unique play and effortless on shape, colours and materials.

The name Blanc appeared like an evidence. It reminded of the “mother” brand Nathalie Blanc Paris and works as an evocation of its origins.

The white color is, from an optical perspective, the combination of every color. This explains the sense we attach to it: purity and freedom. Armed of all these weapons, Blanc opens up the possibilities. This audacity is an integral part of the brand’s identity.


With Blanc, Nathalie Blanc offers young adults high fashion and functional eyewear that perfectly lend themselves to smaller faces.

Nathalie is weary of dressing up the faces of the youth, with the same attention as men and women, by offering them glasses with audacious designs thought around their daily lives and at a fraction of the price.

The mission statement of Blanc: democratize luxury eyewear among the younger generations.


Well beyond a simple story about glasses, Blanc is above all a story about freedom, a playground of the game of creation and the importance of functionality.

Everything is a source of inspiration to create. Everything is in movement. Everything is transformation. Everything is color. Everything is texture.


The audacity is trying, trying to get out of the box, trying is not limiting oneself. But mostly, audacity is daring to do what has never been done to create the surprise. Amaze younger clients, offering them to dream, making them appear even more handsome, funnier and smarter.

Nathalie dared to create, for young adults, iconic models from her collection Nathalie Blanc Paris.

Blanc does not abide by the established norms when it comes to gender and is preaching for unisex products. All the models from the brand are non-gendered. The borders disappear between the glasses for men and women with this new motto that is moving the optic industry.


Bring to young adults frames perfectly thought for their daily lives. For Blanc, Nathalie Blanc attaches a lot of importance to create comfortable frames for the complexity and the individuality of each nose and face.

Attention to details

The perfection is in the details. Yet, perfection is not a detail, it is essential and only reached through rigor and ambition to cater to young clients.

savoir faire usine

What strikes you at first, is the attention put in every detail. On each frame,

“you will always find two circles symbolizing the rivets and an empty circle that you will find at the tip of the right temple. This is a reference to the three dots of our logo.”