The force behind the brand is the daring, humble, talented, passionate, perfectionist, French-born designer Nathalie Blanc.

Nathalie Blanc is a true ambassador for the French manufacturing and excellence in know-how, and her talent exudes in the refined and delicate frames she designs, the ones that combine the perfect harmony between the eye, the style, and material.

Nathalie Blanc the Designer


At a young age, Nathalie Blanc started wearing glasses. The shape didn't fit her face, and the style was not graceful nor trendy.

"I was so embarrassed to wear my eyeglasses, and this trauma has been pivotal in my life."

As a teenager, the idea of shaking the world of eyewear had become an obsession. Nathalie made a promise to herself to create her universe, to reinvent a style where this functional and unattractive accessory would reflect one's style, personality, and aesthetics.


Her studies at ISO in Paris led her to first open two optical stores. In 2010 Nathalie Blanc created collections for ready-to-wear brands such as Michel Klein and in 2012 for Swildens.

In 2010 Nathalie Blanc creates collections for ready-to-wear brand Michel Klein and in 2012 for Swildens

In 2015, Nathalie Blanc launched her first eponymous brand Nathalie Blanc Paris, a Parisian luxury eyewear collection for men and women, with the desire to create rare comfort for the complexity and individuality of each nose and face.

In 2016, Nathalie Blanc signs an unprecedented collaboration with the collective Rouje by Jeanne Damas, by launching the model Corto.

In 2019, after succeeding in modernizing and sublimating the look of men and women, Nathalie Blanc launches a youthful, edgy, and contemporary collection for teenagers that she names “Blanc…".

In 2020, the designer announced the arrival of her latest brand exclusively made in France and entirely dedicated to men, Monsieur Blanc. She also launched Maison Nathalie Blanc, a new name for the Parisian house that will bring together the three unique and exceptional brands: Nathalie Blanc Paris, Monsieur Blanc and Blanc.

Nathalie Blanc Paris Creative Director


"The inspiration comes mainly by strolling in flea markets, but also by looking at vintage photography and watching old movies of Renoir, Capra, Lubitsch."

The attention to detail in her work and creations reflects her passion for art, design, and architecture, in which beauty and elegance fuse.

Nathalie Blanc receives kisses
"I gave birth to Jennifer, Fanny, Otto, Joséphine, Anaëlle, Bob, Alexandra, Hermes, Lolita, Hélène, Johanna, Eric..."