The General Data Protection Regulations are a set of laws implemented by the European Commission from May 25, 2018 for all companies that operate in Europe. MAISON NATHALIE BLANC is therefore concerned.



To protect Internet users from data leaks or the misuse of personal data, it is now mandatory for companies to keep visitors informed of all computer processing that is carried out using the data collected. Like all e-merchants, we collect data about our internet users and we work with several third-party providers, who therefore have access to part of our data. These data are essential to provide you with the best possible experience on our site and guarantee the smooth running of your order.



The servers of the MAISON NATHALIE BLANC website are exclusively from OVH, in France. In these servers are our database necessary for the operation of the site. Information about customer accounts is stored there.

In order to allow you to find your order history, this data is only deleted if you request it..



MAISON NATHALIE BLANC does not sell your personal data, and we will never do so.

Some companies exchange client files for commercial prospecting, this is not the case with MAISON NATHALIE BLANC.

All the data we collect is with us and will never be given, rented or sold to a third company.



Passwords are stored “encrypted” and cannot be decrypted. Your passwords are therefore secure.



For payments by bank card, we work with the largest French providers, PAYPAL and STRIPE which guarantees the security of your data.

At no time do we have access to your bank card number.



MAISON NATHALIE BLANC may have to ask the Internet user for personal data when consulting and using the site, in particular :

  • when the Internet user creates an account,
  • when the Internet user places an order on the Site,
  • when the Internet user contacts customer service.

The data collected is intended for the use of MAISON NATHALIE BLANC to enable the management of the commercial and contractual relationship with the Internet user and to inform it, if necessary, of offers and news.

The internet user may receive, if expressly consented, electronic prospecting from MAISON NATHALIE BLANC and its partners.

The Internet user can cancel it at any time via the unsubscribe link contained in the aforementioned electronic prospecting.

In accordance with the data-processing law and freedoms of January 6, 1978 modified by the law of August 6, 2004 the visitor has a right of access, opposition and rectification to the personal data concerning him as specified in the chapter "protection of life private ”.

The use of cookies by the Site Editor is only intended to allow or facilitate communication by electronic means.

The visitor and / or customer is invited from the start page to indicate their consent to the use of these and retains in any event the possibility of accepting or opposing the registration of cookies by configuring the internet browser options.

Ordered :

When you create a customer account on our site, we record in our systems all the information necessary to place an order: your email, your name and surname, your postal address and your telephone number so that we can prepare and deliver your package.

This order data is transmitted to the various service providers who work to ensure that your package reaches your home: our logistics specialist who prepares the package and the transporter who brings it to your home.

They have absolutely no right to use your data for anything other than to process your order and must delete this data from their computer system after processing. These providers store data in data centers in Europe.

However, if you choose to have it delivered outside Europe, your data such as your postal address is necessarily transmitted to the logistics services of the transporter who will deliver you to this country.

Newsletter :

If you have given us your consent, we also use your email address to send you our weekly newsletter. Note that if you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link located at the bottom of the newsletter or directly on the site in your space my account / personal data. It takes effect immediately.

In order to constantly improve, we use software and services operated by third-party providers allowing us to better understand our business. As such, we provide these tools with data on our customer base, your browsing history on our site and information on the products ordered.

Most of our tools are hosted in France or in Europe, but some are active in the United States.

As a result, all of this data manipulated for statistical purposes outside of Europe is completely anonymized..

Publicity :

Like most online merchants, we record your visits and then display advertising to you when you browse other websites. This process does not handle any personal data and neither the advertising management nor the third-party sites displaying our advertisements have access to your contact details.

If you no longer wish to see our advertisements, you can delete cookies from your web browser.

How to delete cookies?



Most of the data can be modified directly by yourself from your customer area on our website.

If you do not find what you want, we invite you to write an email to by specifying your request.



MAISON NATHALIE BLANC communicates to Internet users, through this policy, that they can use cookies when the Internet user browses the different interfaces and pages of the site (the "Website") as well as during the registration process, downloading and updating it.

During the use of the Website, you expressly accept and authorize the use of cookies, in accordance with our Cookies Policy.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a web server can keep on a computer’s hard drive to store information about the user. The cookie uniquely identifies your computer, and can only be read by the website that sent it to the computer.

A cookie is not an executable file or a program and therefore cannot be propagated.

What are cookies used for?

The purpose of using cookies is to recognize users and to be able to provide a better, more personalized service. To do this, we identify the origin of the user, their preferences (country, login, characteristics of their browser, usage information, etc.) and collect information about the use of our website.

The purpose of using cookies is to obtain statistical information on the use of our Website.

By configuring your browser to refuse cookies, certain functions, pages, spaces of the Website will not be accessible, for which we cannot be responsible.

We also draw your attention to the fact that, when you object to the installation or use of a cookie, a refusal cookie is installed on your terminal equipment. If you delete this refusal cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify you as having refused the use of cookies. Similarly, when you consent to the installation of cookies, a consent cookie is installed. Consent or refusal cookies must remain on your terminal equipment.

How can I deactivate cookies?

The internet user can set his browser to accept or refuse the cookies he receives or to have the browser warn him when a server wants to keep a cookie or delete it from his computer. In the mobile phone, he can delete cookies on the "Settings" option. To prevent the installation of cookies you must follow the instructions corresponding to the browser used:

  • Internet Explorer: on the "Tools> Internet Options" menu, click on the "Confidentiality" tab, select the desired setting and press the advanced parameters. Select "Ignore automatic cookie management". Mark "Activate" or "Block". We recommend activating the option "Always accept session cookies" to allow more optimal navigation on our Website.
  • Firefox: on the "Tools> Options" menu, click on the "Confidentiality" tab. Activate or deactivate "Accept cookies from websites" or "tell websites not to track me", it depends on the version of your browser. You can also delete installed cookies by clicking on the option "delete cookies individually».
  • Chrome: on the "Tools> Settings" menu, click on the "Privacy> Content Settings" tab. After selecting the "show advanced settings" option, click on your preferred cookie setting. If you do not wish to allow the installation, you can select the option "block site data and third-party cookies».
  • Opera: on the "Settings> Preferences" menu, click on the "Advanced" tab. On the "Cookies" menu select the options "Accept traces" or "Never accept cookies". If you wish to have a more exhaustive level of control over the cookies that are installed on your computer, we recommend that you select the option "Ask me before accepting cookies».
  • Safari: on the "Tools> Preferences" menu, click on the "Security" tab. On the "Accept cookies" menu, select "Always" or "Never". If you have an iPhone, you will need to go to "Settings> Safari" and select whether or not you accept cookies.


If you use another browser, you can get more information about the setting for the installation of cookies through the help or assistance section of the browser itself.

MAISON NATHALIE BLANC may modify the Cookies Policy in accordance with the law, regulations or in order to adapt the policy to the instructions issued by CNIL. MAISON NATHALIE BLANC advises internet users to regularly visit the cookie policy to be kept informed of changes.



When you connect to our site subject to your choices, we may install various cookies on your terminal allowing us to recognize the browser on your terminal during the period of validity of the cookie concerned. The Cookies we issue are used for the purposes described below, subject to your choices, which result from the settings of your browser software, used during your visit to our site. 

The Cookies we issue allow us :

  • To establish statistics and volumes of attendance and use of the various elements making up our site (sections and content visited, routes), allowing us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our servicesD'adapter la présentation de notre site aux préférences d'affichage de votre terminal (langue utilisée, résolution d'affichage, système d'exploitation utilisé, etc.) lors de vos visites sur notre Site, selon les matériels et les logiciels de visualisation ou de lecture que votre terminal comporte
  • To memorize information relating to a form that you have filled out on our site (registration or access to your account) or to products, services or information that you have chosen on our site (service subscribed, contents of an order basket, etc.)
  • To allow you to access reserved and personal spaces on our site, such as your account, using identifiers or data that you may have previously given to us
  • Implement security measures, for example when you are asked to connect again to content or a service after a certain period of time.



The issue and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the privacy policies of these third parties.

Advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) disseminated in our advertising spaces may contain Cookies issued by third parties: either the advertiser behind the advertising content concerned, or a company third party to the advertiser (communications consulting agency, audience measurement company, targeted advertising provider, etc.), which has associated a cookie with the advertiser's advertising content.

Where applicable, cookies issued by these third parties may allow them, during the period of validity of these cookies:

  • To count the number of displays of advertising content disseminated via our advertising spaces,
  • Identify the advertisements thus displayed, the number of users having clicked on each advertisement, allowing them to calculate the sums due for this fact and to establish statistics
  • To recognize your terminal during its subsequent navigation on any other site or service on which these advertisers or these third parties also issue cookies and if necessary, to adapt these third-party sites and services or the advertisements they broadcast, to navigation of your terminal which they may know about.