The product complies with regulation (EU) 2016/425 according to EN ISO 12312-1: 2013 / A1: 2015 (general purpose sunglasses).


  • Do not use for direct observation of the sun
  • Not suitable for protection against artificial light sources, for example the solarium.
  • Not suitable for protecting the eyes and face against mechanical risks, such as impact
  • Category 3, 2 and 1 sunglasses (if visible transmission less than 75%) are not suitable for driving at dusk or at night.

Instructions for use, cleaning, maintenance and conservation

These sunglasses are personal protective equipment that protects the eyes from glare by solar radiation. The visible transmission category and the particular type of sunglasses (photochromic, polarizing or degraded) are indicated on page 1

Inspect your sunglasses regularly. If it has suffered damage, it must be replaced. Any damage or alteration of the sunglasses requires their replacement. Clean your sunglasses with soapy water (no detergent) and rinse with clear water. Wipe gently with a soft cloth or allow to air dry. Sunglasses should be stored in their original case or, failing that, in a soft cloth. They should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, away from a heat source.

The EU declaration of conformity can be found on the manufacturer's website (see page 1).