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Established in 2015, the luxury eyewear brand, Nathalie Blanc Paris rose quickly to set itself apart from the rest of the industry with its delicate design, its exceptional French savoir-faire and its fine materials.


Nathalie Blanc Paris frames are designed to perfectly match with the face's curves.

Nathalie Blanc had to start wearing glasses from a very young age. But the shape of her face did not fit the shape of the eyewear, it looked neither graceful nor stylish.

“I was so embarrassed by wearing my eyeglasses, the trauma has been a determining factor in my life.”

The idea of shaking the world of eyewear became an obsession in her teenage years. Nathalie swore she would create her own universe and reinvent the industry where this functional and not very attractive accessory would be a reflection of her own tastes and personality. Nathalie Blanc Paris was born.


The mission of Nathalie Blanc Paris: to turn a pair of glasses into a fashion accessory, not solely an optical accessory. Nathalie Blanc Paris creates “eyewear that you will really want to wear” because Nathalie Blanc Paris frames are designed to perfectly match with the face's curves.


Nathalie Blanc Paris is informed by a design language that combines craft with unique designs.

Pure designs

The Nathalie Blanc Paris collection offers a variety of colors in a subtle palette, delicate frames mixing tradition with a modern approach.

Behind these apparently simple metal products, lie a long work of designing and technical achievement. The metal is very difficult to design and produce because it requires an extreme precision and a lot of mastery to find the perfect line that will perfectly dress the face.

Attention to details

The winning design is described as a pure curve, with particular care placed on every detail.

Each frame features a chic colored detail on the temple tips to match the front of the frame or the lens of the sunglasses.

"You will always find two full circles symbolizing the rivets and a hollow circle on the temple tips. A reference to the three small dots of our logo."

The emblem of the House is the audacious inverted bridge which makes women beautiful by refining the nasal bridge.

With overtones of the 1970s, the frames have featured a delicate flash or graduated lens specially designed by Nathalie and developed by DIVEL, the designer’s privileged French-Italian partner.

Exceptional French savoir-faire

savoir faire usine

The eyewear brand is exclusively made in France in the Jura and Normandy regions. The factories have been founded in the 1960s and are the most prestigious ones, combining the finest materials with high-quality design.


Nathalie Blanc collaborates with Mazzucchelli to develop artisanal acetate frame series that feature layers of depth through the finest materials in optical. They are made of fine materials such as cellulose acetate, from cotton blossom and seaweed. Cellulose acetate is an organic and recyclable plant-based plastic that is hypoallergenic. This material was first used for eyewear in the late 1940's because of brittleness and other problems with the plastics previously used. Today's acetates are known for their extraordinary quality and breathtaking beauty. They often age them over thirty years to reinforce their solidity.


Insightful and innovative, since fall 2017, Nathalie Blanc has included an exclusive metal collection where each piece of the frame is handmade. Elegant and sleek, metal glasses are the result of a complex and precise process. Entirely manufactured in France, the frames are laminated in 22 carats gold, with stunning intricate details and with the two-tone spatula on the temple tips.


The lenses are also made in France. The solar glasses, signed by Carl Zeiss and Divel are equipped with anti-reflection, which allow a high protection of the retina. Some are specially designed by Nathalie and developed by DIVEL, the designer’s privileged French-Italian partner. This company is experienced in offering state-of-the-art lenses and color treatments manufactured with total quality requirements.

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