Nathalie Blanc Paris X Morel

Morel by Nathalie Blanc is a partnership between a talented Paris-based designer Nathalie Blanc, and Amélie Morel, Communication Director at Morel, the brand her grandfather created.

It was a perfect match for Nathalie Blanc and Morel to collaborate and create this exclusive collection of two distinctive brands. Nathalie Blanc provides bold designs with trendy, minimalist lines and Morel brings its technical and know-how of fine eyewear.


The glasses industry is very complex, it is at the crossroad of fashion and health. Furthermore, nowadays people have the choice of treating their vision problems with surgery, which makes wearing glasses a real statement – and the frame become a kind of trendy “alter ego” as Nathalie Blanc likes to put it.

This vision is totally shared by Morel who built the first design center dedicated to the creation of glasses in France – a place in ebullition where designers are kings and creativity and innovation the

The meeting between Nathalie Blanc and Morel was logical, unavoidable. A true alchemy became apparent between the two brands, firstly from their core values but also their characters. Where Nathalie Blanc is creating her glasses through historical technics and know-how, Morel is bending the rules and is always looking for new ideas and encounters.


Oddly enough, this collaboration was the occasion for both brands to go back to their roots. A travel back to the birthplace of the French glass industry for Nathalie Blanc where the historical know-how is carefully protected. And for Morel, a throwback to its own history, when the brand chose to establish itself in Paris.


This capsule collection is the perfect outcome for a creative work where each brand had the opportunity to learn and grow from the other. Here, the trendy and sharp lines of Nathalie Blanc. There the technique and know-how of Morel.

Morel par Nathalie Blanc, is the trip from an inspired drawing to an intricate product. These are beautiful glasses with a true story, that reflects the quality of the work.


More about the collection Morel par Nathalie Blanc

Morel par Nathalie Blanc is an exclusive and pemium collection. A particular attention has been put into the manufacturing of the frames, from the first drawings to the finishing touches. Their innovative structure and trendy design make for exceptional products that everyone would be proud to wear. This exclusive collection was thought out for men as well as women, both in optical and solar.