Nathalie Blanc Paris collection epitomizes French excellence in design and craftsmanship. All frames are designed in the Parisian workshop and manufactured in the Jura region, the birthplace of the French eyeglass industry. For generations these skilled artisans have been crafting the world finest eyewear.

"They have always been at my side... Three-colors glasses didn’t exist, we launched them, we have been the first to imagine color scale photochromic glasses and we just created two-colored polarized glasses, never seen on the market."
Nathalie Blanc Paris superlative French Craftsmanship

Each manufacturing step is meticulously executed, combining both leading technology and artisan work.

Raw material is cut into face fronts using a high-tech CNC machine, it’s tumbled with beech tree wood chips and hand-polished with a German wax compound for a flawless finish. Once all the components are complete the frames are carefully assembled by hand.

The process finally ends with a rigorous quality control inspection ensuring that all products reaching the market meet the highest standards of quality. Every pair is a unique piece and property of the brand. 

“I was so excited to come across post war acetate plates in the Oyonnax region, a place full of history, the Mecca of French eyewear. The particularity of this acetate is its extraordinary quality and breathtaking beauty.”
Contemporary French design honoring the tradition and superlative quality the world has come to associate with French artisanal trade craft in eyeware production.
From custom-designed cellulose acetate to ultra-lightweight titanium, we use nothing but premium materials for our frames. The frames are laminated in 22 carat gold. The hinges and core temples are developed by the design team. Bi-plating is exclusive to Nathalie Blanc Paris. All these features join aesthetics and advanced technology. Through years, in order to stay the best, French firms had to rise to the top of innovation. They have to invest in research and development, modernize their units of manufacturing.

“I design my glasses with particular care placed on every detail such as curve, nose, color and I pride myself to consider the stellar result as the unique property of Nathalie Blanc Paris.”

Nathalie Blanc Paris sublime spatula exquisite detail

Sublime detail of the two colored spatulas matching the color of our solar glass.This commitment to craftsmanship delivers unmatched quality and timeless style that transform glasses from pure function to coveted pieces. 

Nathalie Blanc oversees the entire production process, with particular attention to design, materials, colors, and quality.

“I have always dreamed of embodying French excellence: extreme precision, undeniable quality, pure and timeless design.”